Latest additions

Rocket Age Gift Set No.6

One of the scarcest Gift Sets and really difficult to find in any condition. This one has the complete model set in mostly as new condition and a decent box. It isn't cheap. Look in the News pages where I have created the image shown on the box lid, using the set components and a Euclid Bulldozer.

1112 Corporal Guided Missile and Launcher

This is a scarce item, especially in such marvellous condition and with a decent original box too. Very few of these were sold as they were expensive and only available for a short time between 1959 and 1961. The Corporal missile is huge, much larger than the Thunderbird or Bloodhound released a little earlier. It sits on this intricately engineered launch device. That has four stabilisers which can each be folded out and adjusted so that the missile is held in a precise position.

1113 Corporal Guided Missile and Erector Vehicle

This is huge. Much bigger than it looks in the pictures. I think it must have the biggest wheels of anything in the Corgi range. This is a marvellous model with many features that work. The front wheels have realistic steering and there are controls to hold or release the missile, to move it horizontally and to raise the section of the vehicle so that the missile is perpendicular and in position for location with the Launch Ramp.

Gift Set 3 RAF Land Rover and Thunderbird Missile

A simple little military Gift set from the early Corgi days and featuring the 351 RAF Land Rover pulling the 350 Missile trailer with a Thunderbird Missile mounted on it. Rare to find boxed as the original is quite flimsy. this has lost some flaps but is clean and still attractive.

1118 International Army 6x6 Truck

Produced from May 1959 through to 1964 this is a most impressive model. Really heavy, you do feel you’re getting value for your money and that it is well up to whatever army tasks you might want to throw at it! This one is a marvellous original 1118 with UK insignia and has the solid base. Some models have an open element below the rear section. This also has an excellent original box.

226 Morris Mini Minor

A near immaculate example of the pale blue Morris Mini Minor in an excellent original box. With red seats and a distinctive paler blue finish this is a very desirable little model, always popular but getting hard to find in this condition and boxed more or less as new.

225 Austin Seven

This is a near immaculate red mini with an excellent box too. It is the harder to find version with free spinning wheels. Most Austin Sevens seemed to have fixed wheels. It is a bright, very red red colour with lemon interior.

1120 Midland Red Motorway Express Coach

This is in super condition with the shiny stickers in place and no chips or marks, clean windows and good wheels and tyres. It also has a great original box. I think this is one to watch as the years go by.

216M Austin A40 Saloon

This example is totally original and the last M model Corgi made. It was by then not the most popular variant anyway and sales of #216M were pretty poor. Practically all the M models were red with a black roof. This one is in super condition and has a lovely original 216 box too (which many were actually sold in). Excellent paintwork, nice, clean windows, clean wheels and a smooth working motor.

445 Plymouth Sports Suburban Station Wagon

This is an excellent example with some of the best silver paintwork Corgi did - why they didn’t use this stuff on most other models I do not know. There are many tiny chips on the paintwork but it really does still look very nice. There is also now a beautiful original box. That has a crisp clean colour and all the flaps and virtually no signs of wear at all.

251 Hillman Imp

The suspension is fine on this one and is all original. It displays very nicely indeed. This is in first class condition with clear screens, opening rear window and clean interior. These are hard to find in this condition now and this is a very good example with a superb box.

261 James Bond's Aston Martin DB5

This is the first type 261 and is in very good condition. Everything looks and works fine and it comes in an original, almost complete box. Impressive. The screens are clear with no cracks but the window unit has dropped fractionally. It is the Type B with no sidelamps. There is an original instruction envelope an leaflet and an original spare baddie in the plinth too. The box is mostly clean and smart and is missing an end flap but is solid and looks excellent on display.

Gift Set 37 Lotus Racing Team

The truck, cars and trailer are all excellent. The inner tray is like new with no discolouration of the polystyrene and the box is really nice. The only faults are the two tears in the top of the box. This is very, very good example of this set in complete totally original form.

Gift Set 47 Ford 5000 Super Major with Conveyor

This is a rare item, issued in 1966 and, despite staying in the catalogue until 1971, it is difficult to find now in original form and especially with a nice original box. The tractor is the familiar Ford 5000 and this one has a chrome exhaust and fittings. Some are grey plastic. The conveyor is also familiar from the device that was fitted to a Jeep FC-150. The rubber belt has come apart but could easily be repaired or replacements are available - it is the original fitting still. Farmer George seems to have gone missing, though, as have all but one of the six sacks that should come in the box. It is, however, a super example of this set and in as new condition otherwise.

499 Citroen Safari Winter Olympics 1968

This model is in superb condition, beautiful unmarked paintwork and everything works with good suspension (never really a problem on this model) . Everything is complete and totally original and it has a good, original box. This is the most difficult to find edition in this condition.

Gift Set 31 The 'Riviera' Gift Set

This set has an excellent pale blue Buick, correct for the first type of this set, and a really nice boat and trailer, in super condition and with an original captain, girl on a ski board and rope. The trailer has an intact ring and both tyres. The boat is complete with no damage to the stripe as is often the case. This is a superb example of a totally original and complete boxed set which is much sought after these days.

492 Volkswagen European Police Car

A really nice model that appears in late 1966 using the Eastern Safari car from the previous year. The steering is cleverly operated via the roof light and, although the suspension was never much on the front of these cars, the model is well built and great fun to own. It has an opening front and rear too with mud flaps at the back and the use of silvered metal for the base to provide running boards and bumpers is so good. This is a totally original example with a lovely original box too, not easy to find now in this condition.

330 Porsche Carrera Six

One of the last models before everything went rapidly downhill with Whizzwheels. This is excellent and is totally original with a lovely original box too.

474 Ford Thames Musical Wall's Ice Cream Van

The idea was probably good, including a selection of chimes that played when you wound the handle. I believe you can even select the different tunes but unfortunately most stopped working shortly afterwards. This one too. It is in beautiful original condition with a super original box and these are very much sought after, even if the knob doesn’t do much now.

464 Commer Police Van

There were several versions of this and this has the later tinted windows without bars and the Police text is in the cast now. Before you had County Police or City Police as transfers. There is also a very scarce green version from Europe. This is all totally original and not easy to find in as good, one-owner condition that I can vouch for!

494 Bedford Tipper Truck

This is a totally original example that has never really been played with and looks like new. It also has its original box and not many have that these days! It features the smart, later style commercial wheels that began to appear on many of the trucks and lorries. It is also a great example of Corgi making use, once more, of the parts of other models. The tipper is, of course, the same as it always was and the cab is the familiar Bedford one, including those lovely mirrors! They are also complete with the reflective pieces still in place.

469 AEC Routemaster London Bus

Only ever out of its box once for the photographs this is an immaculate example of the later version of the iconic double decker. Slightly larger than 468 and with more basic features. This is the very first edition but it was followed by hundreds of promotional issues and all the others are very cheap now. This is the one to get. (The link currently goes to 468 - to be updated soon).

Gift Set 19 Corgi Flying Club

I think this was the final outing for the 438 Land Rover. Very late in the Corgi day, 1973 saw this set appear with a ridiculously broad trailer carrying a pudgy-looking Nipper aircraft. All Whizzwheels this. The set is complete and unmarked with an excellent box. Quite rare now, especially with all the bits.

381 GP Beach Buggy

One of the early Whizzwheel models that, apart from the wheels, could sit happily with the others in the normal range. This is a strange beach buggy, one of several odd vehicles Corgi included at this time. It is as new, in an original box and has the surf boards on the roof. An unusual and nice example of the era, quite immaculate. There are variations with normal ‘pepperpot’ Whizzwheels but this type, with much nicer wheels, is so much better, albeit less easy to track down now.