American cars

211 Studebaker Golden Hawk

The first American car in the Corgi catalogue. This is in superb condition and now has a great original blue box too.

215 Ford Thunderbird

One of two in stock. This has a chipped screen but is otherwise superb and has a very good original box too.

241 Ghia L6.4

rare in this colour. Unfortuantely the suspension has failed but still superb to look at

310 Chevrolet Stingray

A beautiful example with an original box in the rarer pale, solid silver shade.

Chevrolet Corvair in gold

From the Golden Guinea Gift Set 20, only 23000 were sold, making this one of the scarcest production models In fine condition and also available with the Bentley and Ford as a set.

211 Studebaker Golden Hawk

One of two in stock. This one is in good condition with very little wear.

211M Studebaker Golden Hawk

One of four in stock. Not easy to find.

Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback

Something a little special. A rare Mustang with normal shaped wheels, and in the lovely blue metallic colour. Beautiful.

Chrysler Imperial

Another edition that is very hard to find with these normal shaped wheels. This also has the chalk-blue interior and has an original golf trolley in the boot.

304 Chevrolet Camaro SS350

Here is one of the rare Corgis. A Whizzwheels version of a gold model from a previous year with the Whizzwheels replacing Golden Jacks. This is in very good condition and has an original box too. Marvellous.

445 Plymouth Suburban Sports Estate

Here is a really interesting model. The 445 should be blue with a red roof. 219s were this colour, but this has the 445 base and suspension. The jury is out on whether someone has very, very professionally replaced a 219 base with a 445 one or whether this is a genuine factory edition that could easily have happened at the time when 219s were ending and 445s starting. There is plenty of documentation for 219 boxes being used up for early 445s so it could be something special.

445 Plymouth Sports Suburban Station Wagon

This is an excellent example with some of the best silver paintwork Corgi did - why they didn’t use this stuff on most other models I do not know. There are many tiny chips on the paintwork but it really does still look very nice. There is also now a beautiful original box. That has a crisp clean colour and all the flaps and virtually no signs of wear at all.

262 Lincoln Continental

Rare in this blue with a fawn roof. An excellent example of the early release that is missing from many collections. Personally, I still think the gold one looks more the part but these are seriously expensive now.

310 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray

This has taken a while to find. At last I can add the scarce bronze edition of the Chevrolet Sting Ray. It is a rich copper shade, similar to the probably even more scarce Ghia L6.4 and suits the car well although maybe not as well as the glorious cerise that most have.

211M Studebaker Golden Hawk

This is another example of a rare version from the very early Corgi catalogue. The Studebaker Golden Hawk with a Mechanical motor came out in February 1958 but these ceased to be made in 1959 so it is one of the short-lived models and didn’t sell that well either in this form.

219 Plymouth Sports Suburban Estate

This one has the less common cream base (they're usually grey). A marvellous example of the earlyish Corgi Toy days.

300 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Here is a marvellous looking car from the last days before it all went wrong at Corgi. This Chevrolet is from the Golden Jacks era and is in a great shade of metallic red. It is in very good condition, just a few marks to the paintwork on an upper wing and roof line. The roof panels are in place and not scratched. Suspension, wheel mechanism, window and interior are all superb.

381 GP Beach Buggy

One of the early Whizzwheel models that, apart from the wheels, could sit happily with the others in the normal range. This is a strange beach buggy, one of several odd vehicles Corgi included at this time. It is as new, in an original box and has the surf boards on the roof. An unusual and nice example of the era, quite immaculate. There are variations with normal ‘pepperpot’ Whizzwheels but this type, with much nicer wheels, is so much better, albeit less easy to track down now.