British cars

Bentley Continental Sports Saloon in gold

From the Golden Guinea Gift Set 20, a set which sold only 23000, making this one of the scarcest production Corgis. All three can be purchased as a set but I ahve yet to find a box.

Ford Consul Classic in gold

From the Golden Guinea Gift Set 20, a set which sold only 23000, making this one of the scarcest production Corgis. All three can be purchased as a set but I ahve yet to find a box.


A superb example of this classic. There is also a lovely box and even the correct black opening suitcase. This is a revised listing - the box is from my own colection but now houses a much better car than mine (which is also still available).

Lotus Elan S2 with cast wheels

A very rare item again here, Emma Peel's Lotus Elna from Gift Set 40 but with cast, spoke-effect wheels.

216M Austin A40 Saloon

This example is totally original and the last M model Corgi made. It was by then not the most popular variant anyway and sales of #216M were pretty poor. Practically all the M models were red with a black roof. This one is in super condition and has a lovely original 216 box too (which many were actually sold in). Excellent paintwork, nice, clean windows, clean wheels and a smooth working motor.

205M Riley Pathfinder

The most recent acquisition. In stunning condition, a very attractive model and possibly the best of recent acquisitions.

205M Riley Pathfinder

Another recent acquisition. In nearly unmarked condition. Really good.

204 Rover 90

The two-tone edition released in 1959 was not around for long and never very popular.

225 Austin Seven

A later edition with free-spinning wheels with a type 2b base (post and no floor panels). In very nice condition.

225 Austin Seven

An excellent later edition with free-spinning wheels and this one also has a really very good original box. This has a type 2a base, (no floor panels and no post).

226 Morris Mini Minor

A very early edition in pale blue with a cream interior

226 Morris Mini Minor

A later edition in more of a lilac blue with free spinning wheels and red interior.

216M Austin A40

Possibly the best A40 I have had. This is wonderful and will not be around for long, I suspect. There is also an original box at extra cost.

205M Riley Pathfinder

Another very nice example. Some marks but looks lovely.

205M Riley Pathfinder

A good example with some poor paintwork but otherwise very sound.

202M Morris Cowley

A lovely example of this early model in a bright dark greeen with a working friction motor.

252 Rover 2000

Nice original model in silver-blue.

302 MGA

Good original modelin red with scarcer shaped wheels. Original screen.

202 Morris Cowley

Scarce blue edition in pretty good condition

Ford Consul Cortina Estate

Scarcer metallic grey edition and with cast wheels. Not in the best of condition but difficult version to find.

225 Austin Seven on a 226 Morris base!

Here's another really curious thing. As if Austin Sevens in primrose yellow are not already pretty hard to come by, this one also has a Morris Mini-Minor base! It's a crazy mix-up at the factory one day, all totally original and it's been happliy playd with ever since by the look of it. The paintwork's not bad but the screens have a crack or two and the suspension is nion-existent. A really, really unusual item for all that, though.

207M Standard Vanguard III

I love these old M models. They have some pretty odd colours and are often missing a fair bit of paint but they are so difficult to track down now in good working condition. This one has a super motor and, apart from the front of the roof and a pillar, the cream-yellow paint is not at all bad.

252 Rover 2000

The less common maroon edition, mostly confined to the back of a transporter in a Gift Set. I bought this as a base for a re-make of a 322 International Rally edition but it's too nice to break. The paint's a bit worn but it is all original and a cheap gap-filler if needed.

224 Bentley Continental Sports Saloon

Another splendid example of the green and pale apple green Bentley, at the time the star of the Corgi range with all its new features, including steering, chrome, jewels and an opening boot. This lovely example also has a super box, bright, firm and unmarked apart from a price. Beautiful.

224 Bentley Continental Sports Saloons

These two Bentleys illustrate the two editions available (as well, of course, as the black over grey). There is one in two shades of apple green and the other is white over apple green. The difference is really only clear when you put the two side by side. Each is available to purchase individually.

207 Standard Vanguard III

This is a magnificent example that has survived really well - it looks hardly played with at all. There are just a few tiny marks on the paintwork. The windows are lovely and clear and the wheels shiny with nice tyres. There are some variations in the shade of green. This is probably the normal shade of very pale pea green.

218 Aston Martin DB4

This is the ‘open vent’ variety, the early issue and has fixed smooth wheels with nicely fitted accessory ‘spoke’ covers. It has an original #5 sticker on the bonnet which can be removed easily if preferred.

349 Morris Mini Minor 'Pop Art'

I am very lucky to have found this in Holland at a very reasonable price. It is in genuinely very good condition with just a few chips here and there but nothing significant. The windows are lovely and clear and the wheels all good. All the transfers have survived too with only tiny elements worn away.

389 Reliant Bond Bug 700ES

In lime green, this is the scarcer of the two colours for the Bond Bug. This example is really excellent - the paint is lovely and unmarked and the silver lights are complete. The top section lifts up to reveal a nice clean interior. It doesn’t stay up on its own as this is a heavy type of diecast material used by the Mazak firm in this production period. I have seen some that stay up but most don’t. Not that it matters. This also has nice clean wheels with the chrome pattern still distinct and it has retained the side decals that often get scuffed or fall off.

206M Hillman Husky

This is, as the M infers, the Mechanical version and significantly rarer than the freewheeler #206. The motor works well. The windows are unmarked and the wheels are good and tyres look original. The paintwork has suffered a bit but it has not been touched up like many. These can only get rarer. A nice example.

251 Hillman Imp

The suspension is fine on this one and is all original. It displays very nicely indeed. This is in first class condition with clear screens, opening rear window and clean interior. These are hard to find in this condition now and this is a very good example with a superb box.