Commercial vehicles

109 Pennyburn Trailer from GS10

Only available in GS10 being towed by a Rambler Marlin. This is a superb example.

407 Karrier Mobile Shop

A very early model, released in 1957. Nice condition and original decals.

109 Pennyburn Trailer with tools

This is the version available in a box on its own. It has the original tools inside. In near perfect condition. Marvellous.

437 Superior Ambulance

This is the second edition and has working lights! Amazing. Really beautiful condition and with an original box.

420 Thames 'Airborne' Caravan

In very nice condition, this has shaped and free-spinning wheels (most were fixed.) Scarce.

437 Superior Ambulance

I have two of these first edition Ambulances, both with original boxes and in superb condition. One has amber lights and the other clear.

417 Land Rover Breakdown Truck

Really nice example of the first edition of this truck with an original box too

506 Police 'Panda' Imp

A lovely example of the Panda car with a black bonnet and doors. (Other variations had a black roof only). This is also finished in a creamy white, quite distinct from the normal bright white.

416S Land Rover RAC Rescue Service

The later edition of the RAC vehicle, with suspension and interior. This one even has an original aerial and is in very good condition with only a few scratches.

416 Land Rover RAC Rescue Service

A nice example of one of four editions to collect. They are available with or without the headboard and with either smooth or shaped wheels. This is the type without headboard and with shaped wheels, the latest of the four.

416 RAC Land Rover

Although this has lost a bit of bumper and plenty of paint, the first type with a headboard is likley to be pretty scarce with shaped wheels.

416 Land Rover Radio Rescue

A MkI type Land Rover in RAC blue with a blue roof and matching tin canopy. This is very old but is a super example. There are two types of this Mk1 Land Rover in RAC guise. The difference is that the very earliest editions had a headboard with a sign on the roof and just transfers on the canopy. This a version with no roof sign, smooth wheels and a nice original canopy although the transfers are rather worn but, interestingly, quite white. Many seem to be yellowish. The aerial has been replaced.

448 Police Mini Van

The normal mini van #450 in a nice shade of Police blue and with bars on the rear windows. In the box were a police dog on a lead held by a police handler in a nice scene set type of cardboard display. I had one of these but have no idea where either the car, dog or police chap went. Here is a model in excellent condition - actually far better than many I have seen. This has an original aerial and both rear doors. All the windows are good and the interior nice and clean.

403 Bedford CA Van 'Daily Express'

This is a very nice example of the very first Bedford CA Van, included in the initial launch of Corgis in 1956. There are two types of this, the difference being in the shpe of the top part of the grill. This has a straight edge. Others have a more curved edge. Nice original transferon this one too.

506 Hillman Imp Police Panda Car

This black and white version comes in two flavours: both only around for a year or so in 1968-9 and noticeably scarcer than the blue version. A nice, very clean model. [Reserved for a collector in Wales]

474 Ford Thames Musical Wall's Ice Cream Van

The idea was probably good, including a selection of chimes that played when you wound the handle. I believe you can even select the different tunes but unfortunately most stopped working shortly afterwards. This one too. It is in beautiful original condition with a super original box and these are very much sought after, even if the knob doesn’t do much now.

464 Commer Police Van

There were several versions of this and this has the later tinted windows without bars and the Police text is in the cast now. Before you had County Police or City Police as transfers. There is also a very scarce green version from Europe. This is all totally original and not easy to find in as good, one-owner condition that I can vouch for!

494 Bedford Tipper Truck

This is a totally original example that has never really been played with and looks like new. It also has its original box and not many have that these days! It features the smart, later style commercial wheels that began to appear on many of the trucks and lorries. It is also a great example of Corgi making use, once more, of the parts of other models. The tipper is, of course, the same as it always was and the cab is the familiar Bedford one, including those lovely mirrors! They are also complete with the reflective pieces still in place.

468 AEC Routemaster London Bus

The very first Corgi London bus. This has the best features and is in superb condition with shaped wheels. Later editions had cast wheels(also in stock) and then Whizzwheels.

469 AEC Routemaster London Bus

Only ever out of its box once for the photographs this is an immaculate example of the later version of the iconic double decker. Slightly larger than 468 and with more basic features. This is the very first edition but it was followed by hundreds of promotional issues and all the others are very cheap now. This is the one to get.