European cars

304S Mercedes-Benz 300SL

I don't think I'll ever be able to afford one of these. In fact, I wondered whether they really did exist, other than on Corgi Catalogue pages, until I saw one for sale recently. So I swapped the wheels on a nice, virtually unmarked model and created one instead! Not as easy a task as it may sound, by the way!

393 Mercedes-Benz 350SL

Very rare in metallic green and now I have a lovely original and excelent condition box for this model!

393 Mercedes Benz 350SL

A beautiful cream-white version of this, one of the better Whizzwheels models.

230 Mercedes Benz 220SE

A very nice black version that is hard to find now. This also has a good original box.

303S Mercedes 300SL Roadster

Scarce in white with a yellow interior. This example has some chips and a cracked screen but the driver is still present. (He later becomes Simon Templar in the Volvo P1800, by the way!)

383 VW 1200 Police Car (European edition)

Usually found in white with black panels, this edition reflects the colour scheme of the original 492 model which also had steering, opening parts and all sorts of extras. Scarcer but this example has lost its Polizei stickers and hained a few marks along the way.

492 Volkswagen European Police Car

A really nice model that appears in late 1966 using the Eastern Safari car from the previous year. The steering is cleverly operated via the roof light and, although the suspension was never much on the front of these cars, the model is well built and great fun to own. It has an opening front and rear too with mud flaps at the back and the use of silvered metal for the base to provide running boards and bumpers is so good. This is a totally original example with a lovely original box too, not easy to find now in this condition.

392 Bertone Shake Buggy

The pink-red version of this Whizzwheels Buggy. Also available in lime-yellow.

233 Heinkel Trojan 'Economy Car'

We would have called this a 'Bubble Car' at the time. Frightening to sit in, your nose just inches away from the vehicle in front! There were four main Corgi model colours: pale lilac, orange, dark blue and this red.

233 Heinkel Trojan 'Economy Car'

A nice dark blue example of the Corgi 'Bubble Car'.

239 VW 1500 Karmann Ghia

Scarce in gold. This has a bright yellow interior. also available with a red interior.

375 Toyota 2000GT

Love the colour. Also available in very bright and shiny blue! This is the later edition based on the 336 Bond car but missing the driver, missiles James and stuff like that. For a Whizzwheels edition this is still quite smart with lovely jewels, especially the rear ones, and nice interior.

301 Iso Grifo 7 Litre

It may be Whizzwheels but this is a superb model nevertheless. This is almost like new and has a beautiful original box. It is the edition with a silver roll bar. Some have blue.

222 Renault Floride

Lovely model in quite a scarce colour - this time with a red interior. Also available with lemon.

VW 1500 Karmann Ghia

The scarcer edition in gold and here with a red interior

Citroen Safari 1968 Olympics

In superb condition with a rare original box. This is the most difficult to find model now. Complete with original chracters and replacement toboggan and equipment.

233 Heinkel Trojan Economy Car

The orange one with cast wheels. A later edition in great condition.

434 VW Camper Van

This one has a few signs of wearbut the roof is clear apart from some chips. The windows and interior are all in place and clean and the wheels and suspension ore sound. A popular model.

247 Mercedes 600 Pullman

This is the lighter shade of the two used for this car. The two rear windows open and the wiper mechanism is working too. The red paintwork is actually in very nice condition with no obvious wear at all. Good suspension and a nice, clean base.

303 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Open Top

Here’s a fine blue edition that has taken some finding. This one comes from a collector in Germany and has the crucial intact windscreen and side panels. The paintwork is entirely original and shows no chips, just the merest wear on some raised edges. The silver painted areas, too, are good and undamaged. This would have been one of the first issued in 1958, also available in white. A lovely example.