Farming and Military models

Rocket Age Gift Set No.6

One of the scarcest Gift Sets and really difficult to find in any condition. This one has the complete model set in mostly as new condition and a decent box. It isn't cheap. Look in the News pages where I have created the image shown on the box lid, using the set components and a Euclid Bulldozer.

1112 Corporal Guided Missile and Launcher

This is a scarce item, especially in such marvellous condition and with a decent original box too. Very few of these were sold as they were expensive and only available for a short time between 1959 and 1961. The Corporal missile is huge, much larger than the Thunderbird or Bloodhound released a little earlier. It sits on this intricately engineered launch device. That has four stabilisers which can each be folded out and adjusted so that the missile is held in a precise position.

1113 Corporal Guided Missile and Erector Vehicle

This is huge. Much bigger than it looks in the pictures. I think it must have the biggest wheels of anything in the Corgi range. This is a marvellous model with many features that work. The front wheels have realistic steering and there are controls to hold or release the missile, to move it horizontally and to raise the section of the vehicle so that the missile is perpendicular and in position for location with the Launch Ramp.

Gift Set 3 RAF Land Rover and Thunderbird Missile

A simple little military Gift set from the early Corgi days and featuring the 351 RAF Land Rover pulling the 350 Missile trailer with a Thunderbird Missile mounted on it. Rare to find boxed as the original is quite flimsy. this has lost some flaps but is clean and still attractive.

1118 International Army 6x6 Truck

Produced from May 1959 through to 1964 this is a most impressive model. Really heavy, you do feel you’re getting value for your money and that it is well up to whatever army tasks you might want to throw at it! This one is a marvellous original 1118 with UK insignia and has the solid base. Some models have an open element below the rear section. This also has an excellent original box.

406S Land Rover

One of several examples I have of this very, very rare edition, only available for a few months before the release of 438.

102 Rice Pony Trailer

The very first editions had no handle on the ramp. This is a beautiful, boxed early edition. I also have the cream edition.

352 RAf Staff Standard Vanguard III

A later edition with a grey base plate instead of black.

102 Rice Pony Trailer

Look carefuly and you'll see that this one, the one of the right, doesn't have a handle at the top of the ramp. Just this and the cream edition can be found with this feature which I believe was the very first issue in 1958 and not at all common.

406 Land Rover

This old model has been well played with but still looks nice. This one has the less common shaped wheels. I have the blue and white 406 with these wheels but need to find a green edition one day.

Gift Set 2 Land Rover and Pony Trailer

The Gift Set was one of only two places you could have found the green 406 Land Rover and the only place with a tan tin canopy. This is the first type of Gift Set with the red 102 pony trailer.

Gift Set 2 Land Rover and Pony Trailer

The Gift Set was one of only two places you could have found the green 406 Land Rover and the only place with a tan tin canopy (missing here!) This is the first type of Gift Set with the less common cream 102 pony trailer.

72 Ford 5000 with Trenching Bucket

Corgi did get a lot of mileage out of the Ford 5000 cast and here it is in what I believe was its last outing in 1971. It replaced the confusingly numbered 74 which had an identical attachment but placed on the side. Now it is at the back! I cannot see anything lese that is different. Good ol’ Farmer George is still there and actually is in the seat in this example. These are not at all common and examples that have all the original tubes and parts undamaged are sought after by farming collectors keen to have a complete set.

GS10 Mack Tank Transporter with Centurion Tanker

A late Gift Set, issued in 1973 and staying around until 1978. Although this period saw some dreadful models, this is one of the really nice ones. The Mack truck unit pulls a machinery carrier that you may recognise. It is essentially identical to 1104, 1131 and 1135, with even the same removable rear axle. A slightly odd-looking screw joins the two and there is now no winch or spare tyre capstan but otherwise it’s the same item. Both items immaculate.