Corgi Major models

1103 Euclid Tractor

A lovely old Corgi. Heavy and looking like something, indeed, from the 1950s! In super condition. Not at all easy to find now.

1110 Bedford Mobilgas Tanker

The first version of the Mobilgas Tanker. Here with a 'Big Bedford' cab. In good condition.

1129 Bedford Articulated Milk Tanker

Another use for the Big Bedford unit and the tanker, this time with 'Milk' decals and in blue and creamy white. Nice condition, with fixed shaped wheels.

1140 Bedford Mobilgas Tanler

The less easy to find second version of this, with the Bedford TK cab looking a bit odd with the same old tanker unit.

1145 Unimog 406 with Gooseneck Dumper Mk1

The first and best version of this model, featuring delightful suspension and those big fat tyres on the Dumper.

1145 Unimog 406 with Gooseneck Dumper MkII

The second edition with far less by way of features and even all the wheels are the same size now. A poor copy of the first edition but, because this had a very short life, it is actually more expensive as it is harder to find now!

GS10 Mack Tank Transporter with Centurion Tanker

A late Gift Set, issued in 1973 and staying around until 1978. Although this period saw some dreadful models, this is one of the really nice ones. The Mack truck unit pulls a machinery carrier that you may recognise. It is essentially identical to 1104, 1131 and 1135, with even the same removable rear axle. A slightly odd-looking screw joins the two and there is now no winch or spare tyre capstan but otherwise it’s the same item. Both items immaculate.

1120 Midland Red Motorway Express Coach

This is in super condition with the shiny stickers in place and no chips or marks, clean windows and good wheels and tyres. It also has a great original box. I think this is one to watch as the years go by.