Latest additions

304S Mercedes-Benz 300SL

I don't think I'll ever be able to afford one of these. In fact, I wondered whether they really did exist, other than on Corgi Catalogue pages, until I saw one for sale recently. So I swapped the wheels on a nice, virtually unmarked model and created one instead! Not as easy a task as it may sound, by the way!

393 Mercedes-Benz 350SL

Very rare in metallic green and now I have a lovely original and excelent condition box for this model!

352 RAf Staff Standard Vanguard III

A later edition with a grey base plate instead of black.

Thames 'Airborne' Caravan

A blue and pale blue version with red flooring interior.

393 Mercedes Benz 350SL

A beautiful cream-white version of this, one of the better Whizzwheels models.

Emma Peel's Lotus Elan S2

A very nice example of Mrs. Peel's car from The Avengers Gift Set 40, available individually or in a set. Rare as original in fine condition.

1145 Unimog 406 with Gooseneck Dumper Mk1

The first and best version of this model, featuring delightful suspension and those big fat tyres on the Dumper.

202M Morris Cowley

A lovely example of this early model in a bright dark greeen with a working friction motor.

392 Bertone Shake Buggy

The pink-red version of this Whizzwheels Buggy. Also available in lime-yellow.

153 Proteus Bluebird

The first edition of this vehicle. This has the nice alluminium silver wheels with tyres, to be replaced later by 153A with plastic wheels. This one needs a couple of tyres but is in good condition otherwise.

151 Lotus Mark II Le Mans

The pale blue edition of this Lotus. This is the first edition with no driver and is much rarer. This has had a replacement screen.

1145 Unimog 406 with Gooseneck Dumper MkII

The second edition with far less by way of features and even all the wheels are the same size now. A poor copy of the first edition but, because this had a very short life, it is actually more expensive as it is harder to find now!

1102 Euclid Bulldozer

Fantastically heavy model. This comes in two shades: lemon and lime. This is the lime version and has both exhausts intact and a working blade. (A later edition has a lever to operate the blade).

304 Chevrolet Camaro SS350

Here is one of the rare Corgis. A Whizzwheels version of a gold model from a previous year with the Whizzwheels replacing Golden Jacks. This is in very good condition and has an original box too. Marvellous.

204 Rover 90

A nice grey version of this ancient model.

GS40 The Avengers

I currently have three very nice Avengers Sets for sale. Each has a reproduction box from the best source which looks great and they contain really good original models in either red or green for Steed's Bentley. One set has a repainted Lotus in silver-blue as Mrs. peel drove in the colour TV series editions.

152 BRM Formula 1 Racing Car

One of the first racing cars issued by Corgi. This is the first type, with no suspension and without a driver.

150 Vanwall Formula 1 Racing Car

Another of Corgi's very first racing cars. This is, indeed, the first, released in July 1957. also available in red but initially in British Racing Green.

506 Police 'Panda' Imp

A lovely example of the Panda car with a black bonnet and doors. (Other variations had a black roof only). This is also finished in a creamy white, quite distinct from the normal bright white.

Gift Set 38 1965 Monte Carlo Rally Set

Only available for a little less than a year from March 1965, this Gift Set features really nice editions of the 321 Morris Mini Cooper S, 322 Rover 2000 and 323 Citroen DS19. The box is a reproduction but, in original packaging these sell for about £2000. An opportunity here to get something attractive to display at a reasonable price.

445 Plymouth Suburban Sports Estate

Here is a really interesting model. The 445 should be blue with a red roof. 219s were this colour, but this has the 445 base and suspension. The jury is out on whether someone has very, very professionally replaced a 219 base with a 445 one or whether this is a genuine factory edition that could easily have happened at the time when 219s were ending and 445s starting. There is plenty of documentation for 219 boxes being used up for early 445s so it could be something special.

201 Austin Cambridge

One of the first models issued in 1956, this is in a lovely clean turquoise-blue, very much like one of the original colours we might have seen on the roads. Lovely old model in fabulous original condition.

416S Land Rover RAC Rescue Service

The later edition of the RAC vehicle, with suspension and interior. This one even has an original aerial and is in very good condition with only a few scratches.

233 Heinkel Trojan 'Economy Car'

We would have called this a 'Bubble Car' at the time. Frightening to sit in, your nose just inches away from the vehicle in front! There were four main Corgi model colours: pale lilac, orange, dark blue and this red.

233 Heinkel Trojan 'Economy Car'

A nice dark blue example of the Corgi 'Bubble Car'.

416 Land Rover RAC Rescue Service

A nice example of one of four editions to collect. They are available with or without the headboard and with either smooth or shaped wheels. This is the type without headboard and with shaped wheels, the latest of the four.

262 Lincoln Continental

Rare in this blue with a fawn roof. An excellent example of the early release that is missing from many collections. Personally, I still think the gold one looks more the part but these are seriously expensive now.

485 Austin Mini Countryman

An early edition with normal wheels and I've added some replacement surfboards. This is in good condition with both doors still in place and an original aerial and rack. Most are getting broken now. (There's a Morris badged version to look out for too!)

491 Ford Consul Cortina Estate

This is the less common edition with cast wheels. Unfortunately it has lost its suspension completely and the paintwork looks a bit shabby. so it's going cheap if you need a space filler.

225 Austin Seven on a 226 Morris base!

Here's another really curious thing. As if Austin Sevens in primrose yellow are not already pretty hard to come by, this one also has a Morris Mini-Minor base! It's a crazy mix-up at the factory one day, all totally original and it's been happliy playd with ever since by the look of it. The paintwork's not bad but the screens have a crack or two and the suspension is nion-existent. A really, really unusual item for all that, though.

375 Toyota 2000GT

Love the colour. Also available in very bright and shiny blue! This is the later edition based on the 336 Bond car but missing the driver, missiles James and stuff like that. For a Whizzwheels edition this is still quite smart with lovely jewels, especially the rear ones, and nice interior.

206 Hillman Husky

This is the second edition of one from the earliest days. Issued in 1959 as part of an update to the first releases, giving them two-tone finishes.

102 Rice Pony Trailer

Look carefuly and you'll see that this one, the one of the right, doesn't have a handle at the top of the ramp. Just this and the cream edition can be found with this feature which I believe was the very first issue in 1958 and not at all common.

207M Standard Vanguard III

I love these old M models. They have some pretty odd colours and are often missing a fair bit of paint but they are so difficult to track down now in good working condition. This one has a super motor and, apart from the front of the roof and a pillar, the cream-yellow paint is not at all bad.

252 Rover 2000

The less common maroon edition, mostly confined to the back of a transporter in a Gift Set. I bought this as a abse for a re-make of a 322 International Rally edition but it's too nice to break. the paint's a bit worn but it is all original and a cheap gap-filler if needed.

322 Rover Monte Carlo Rally Edition

A marvellous example of the first Rover 2000 Rally edition in maroon with a white roof. This is entirely original and virtually unmarked apart from a small scratch in the rear screen.

227 Morris Mini Cooper

Available in primrose of blue, always with a white roof and sometimes a white bonnet, with RN 1, 3 or 7 in thick or thin digits. Quite a selection to find! This is the primrose version with a white roof only and free-spinning wheels. All original but missing a number.

9004 Bentley 31/2 litre Jeeves & Wooster

An almost unmarked 1927 Bentley with Jeeves at the wheel, all original and with the horn and handbrake in place. Bertie Wooster has hoofed it off somewhere though.

339 BMC Mini Cooper Monte Carlo 1967

These can be found with Austin or Morris badges, cast or shaped wheels. This is the Austin. It has had replacement Racing Number transfers - these are actually in the correct font too. Most you'll see are quite wrong!

339 BMC Mini Cooper Monte Carlo 1967

These can be found with either Austin or Morris badges and with either shaped or cast wheels. This is the Morris with cast wheels.

322 Rover International Rally Edition

Not the real thing but a very nice reproduction that I have made myself and as featured in my recent articles. The seats ought to be red, of course, but the base model for this was a battered maroon 252! There is now a model with a red interior too.

322 Rover International Rally Edition

Not the real thing but a very nice reproduction that I have made myself and as featured in my recent articles. This is one with the correct red interior. [Already bought by a Welsh collector friend]. More of these are now available.

406 Land Rover

This old model has been wel played with but still looks nice. This one has the less common shaped wheels. I have the blue and white 406 with these wheels but need to find a green edition one day.

224 Bentley Continental Sports Saloons

These two Bentleys illustrate the two editions available (as well, of course, as the black over grey). There is one in two shades of apple green and the other is white over apple green. The difference is really only clear when you put the two side by side. Each is available to purchase individually.

Gift Set 2 Land Rover and Pony Trailer

The Gift Set was one of only two places you could have found the green 406 Land Rover and the only place with a tan tin canopy. This is the first type of Gift Set with the red 102 pony trailer.

Gift Set 2 Land Rover and Pony Trailer

The Gift Set was one of only two places you could have found the green 406 Land Rover and the only place with a tan tin canopy (missing here!) This is the first type of Gift Set with the less common cream 102 pony trailer.

416 RAC Land Rover

Although this has lost a bit of bumper and plenty of paint, the first type with a headboard is likley to be pretty scarce with shaped wheels.

207 Standard Vanguard III

This is a magnificent example that has survived really well - it looks hardly played with at all. There are just a few tiny marks on the paintwork. The windows are lovely and clear and the wheels shiny with nice tyres. There are some variations in the shade of green. This is probably the normal shade of very pale pea green.

434 VW Camper Van

This one has really very few signs of wear and is the best I’ve had. Even the roof is clear apart from one small scratch. The windows and interior are all in place and clean and the wheels and suspension ore sound. A popular model that I suspect may not be available for long.

225 Austin Seven

This is a near immaculate red mini with an excellent box too. It is the harder to find version with free spinning wheels. Most Austin Sevens seemed to have fixed wheels. It is a bright, very red red colour with lemon interior. There are only the most minute of chips on one door that are not at all obvious and the rest of the paintwork is superb. Even the bumpers are clean and the silver paint bright and fresh. It looks fantastic, a real Corgi icon, a popular item that is always much in demand.

310 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray

This has taken a while to find. At last I can add the scarce bronze edition of the Chevrolet Sting Ray. It is a rich copper shade, similar to the probably even more scarce Ghia L6.4 and suits the car well although maybe not as well as the glorious cerise that most have.

416 Land Rover Radio Rescue

A MkI type Land Rover in RAC blue with a blue roof and matching tin canopy. This is very old but is a super example. There are two types of this Mk1 Land Rover in RAC guise. The difference is that the very earliest editions had a headboard with a sign on the roof and just transfers on the canopy. This a version with no roof sign, smooth wheels and a nice original canopy although the transfers are rather worn but, interestingly, quite white. Many seem to be yellowish. The aerial has been replaced.

211M Studebaker Golden Hawk

This is an example of a rare version from the very early Corgi catalogue. The Studebaker Golden Hawk with a Mechanical motor came out in February 1958 but these ceased to be made in 1959 so it is one of the short-lived models and didn’t sell that well either in this form.

339 BMC Mini Cooper S Monte Carlo Rally 1967

This is the one with the strange roof device containing two spare wheels. It had a longer production life than most of these minis but is still not that easy to find in good condition. This one has an Austin badge with cast wheels, a slightly less common combination.

208M Jaguar 2.4

One of the best old original Corgis, this is a well worn example of the Jaguar 2.4 with the Mechanical motor. Quite a lot of the blue paintwork is missing but at least no-one has tried to repaint it. The silver is pretty good still and the windows clean and not scratched. [Already sold and delivered to Northern Ireland]

448 Police Mini Van

The normal mini van #450 in a nice shade of Police blue and with bars on the rear windows. In the box were a police dog on a lead held by a police handler in a nice scene set type of cardboard display. I had one of these but have no idea where either the car, dog or police chap went. Here is a model in excellent condition - actually far better than many I have seen. This has an original aerial and both rear doors. All the windows are good and the interior nice and clean.

247 Mercedes 600 Pullman

This is the lighter shade of the two used for this car. The two rear windows open and the wiper mechanism is working too. The red paintwork is actually in very nice condition with no obvious wear at all. Good suspension and a nice, clean base.

219 Plymouth Sports Suburban Estate

This one has the less common cream base (they're usually grey). A marvellous example of the earlyish Corgi Toy days.

403 Bedford CA Van 'Daily Express'

This is a very nice example of the very first Bedford CA Van, included in the initial launch of Corgis in 1956. There are two types of this, the difference being in the shpe of the top part of the grill. This has a straight edge. Others have a more curved edge. Nice original transferon this one too.

479 Commer Bus for Samuelson Film Services

Later editions of the Commer Van were fitted with cast spoke effect wheels. They seem comparatively scarce now so may not have been around for very long before this was wthdrawn. All but one of the models on the QDT and Vintage Diecast sites have normal wheels. This example is just the bus, the camera man has disappeared with his camera and the plate the tripod sits on. Originals are quite easy to get hold of, though, and they are identical, of course, to the earlier ones. I may add these to complete the model if they come along in the meantime.

506 Hillman Imp Police Panda Car

This black and white version comes in two flavours: both only around for a year or so in 1968-9 and noticeably scarcer than the blue version. A nice, very clean model. [Reserved for a collector in Wales]

218 Aston Martin DB4

This is the ‘open vent’ variety, the early issue and has fixed smooth wheels with nicely fitted accessory ‘spoke’ covers. It has an original #5 sticker on the bonnet which can be removed easily if preferred.

497 The Man From U.N.C.L.E 'Thrushbuster'

The Oldsmobile Super 88 casting gets a last run here in the shape of the Thrushbuster car driven by Napoleon Solo and Iliya Kuryakin in the 1960s TV series. There are two versions: a deep blue and this more accurate (but quite scarce, cream).

Gift Set 13 Renault 16 'Tour De France'

This has the rarer red roof sign and is in excellent condition all round. The only faults I have spotted are one or two very small chips and small chunk of the bonnet decal missing. The chrome is very nice at the front and the rear has just small paint loss on the corners of the extended floor.

300 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Here is a marvellous looking car from the last days before it all went wrong at Corgi. This Chevrolet is from the Golden Jacks era and is in a great shade of metallic red. It is in very good condition, just a few marks to the paintwork on an upper wing and roof line. The roof panels are in place and not scratched. Suspension, wheel mechanism, window and interior are all superb.

349 Morris Mini Minor 'Pop Art'

I am very lucky to have found this in Holland at a very reasonable price. It is in genuinely very good condition with just a few chips here and there but nothing significant. The windows are lovely and clear and the wheels all good. All the transfers have survived too with only tiny elements worn away.

389 Reliant Bond Bug 700ES

In lime green, this is the scarcer of the two colours for the Bond Bug. This example is really excellent - the paint is lovely and unmarked and the silver lights are complete. The top section lifts up to reveal a nice clean interior. It doesn’t stay up on its own as this is a heavy type of diecast material used by the Mazak firm in this production period. I have seen some that stay up but most don’t. Not that it matters. This also has nice clean wheels with the chrome pattern still distinct and it has retained the side decals that often get scuffed or fall off.

336 James Bond's Toyota 2000GT

This is the original, first release, and quite hard to find in such good condition with the driver, Aki (Akiko Wakabayashi), Bond and missiles. This has some missiles I borrowed from a later edition and a replacement Bond figure. This is in excellent condition, no marks and it has the scarce gold front bumper and the bronze paint on the overriders at the rear is intact. So often that is rubbed off or chipped. The aerial is original too and the wheels lovely and clean. A super example. [Already sold]

206M Hillman Husky

This is, as the M infers, the Mechanical version and significantly rarer than the freewheeler #206. The motor works well. The windows are unmarked and the wheels are good and tyres look original. The paintwork has suffered a bit but it has not been touched up like many. These can only get rarer. A nice example.

72 Ford 5000 with Trenching Bucket

Corgi did get a lot of mileage out of the Ford 5000 cast and here it is in what I believe was its last outing in 1971. It replaced the confusingly numbered 74 which had an identical attachment but placed on the side. Now it is at the back! I cannot see anything lese that is different. Good ol’ Farmer George is still there and actually is in the seat in this example. These are not at all common and examples that have all the original tubes and parts undamaged are sought after by farming collectors keen to have a complete set.

205M Riley Pathfinder

A wonderful car. The Riley was in the first group of cars issued in 1956 and to my mind the best. It is a superbly designed car and the model reflects this well. This has a working motor and is a super example of one of the original models. The windows are clear and the wheels shiny. The blue paintwork is excellent. One of the best I’ve had. The base is also rust free. A fine collector’s piece. [Already sold and on its way to Eilum, Germany]

303 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Open Top

Here’s a fine blue edition that has taken some finding. This one comes from a collector in Germany and has the crucial intact windscreen and side panels. The paintwork is entirely original and shows no chips, just the merest wear on some raised edges. The silver painted areas, too, are good and undamaged. This would have been one of the first issued in 1958, also available in white. A lovely example.

1134 Bedford US Army Fuel Tanker

This was a very late issue, appearing in January 1965 with a group of several other army models. It is really the 1959 Mobilgas Tanker which turned into the 1962 Milk Tanker and then appears as the US Army Petrol tanker in 1965. Very few of these were made - just 43000 according to some records - and this is one of the scarcer Corgi models. It has some paint loss, mostly on the cab roof, but the all important transfers have survived well and the model looks great on display. In many ways the military items almost need some wear and tear to look realistic!

GS10 Mack Tank Transporter with Centurion Tanker

A late Gift Set, issued in 1973 and staying around until 1978. Although this period saw some dreadful models, this is one of the really nice ones. The Mack truck unit pulls a machinery carrier that you may recognise. It is essentially identical to 1104, 1131 and 1135, with even the same removable rear axle. A slightly odd-looking screw joins the two and there is now no winch or spare tyre capstan but otherwise it’s the same item. Both items immaculate.