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Part of the Corgi Classics series, 9004 was the familiar green Bentley packed with a nice model of Bertie Wooster and with Jeeves behind the wheel. Characters from the excellent P G Wodehouse books, they suit the Bentley well, or it does them.

The Bentley is usually the same shade of green as 9001 but has a noticeably different interior in quite bright crimson and the rails are dark grey. The wheels are usually silver although gold coloured wheels are also known. The radiator and headlamp surrounds are usually gold colour.

This model may also appear in The Avengers Gift Set 40 but isn’t really the correct one so will have been substituted at some point. Having said that, it is more accurate, resembling better the actual cars used by Steed in the TV series.

Look out for broken bonnet emblems, missing handbrakes, broken or missing horns and replaced or broken screens which are vulnerable. Original folded hoods will have holes that are clearly outlined in the design. Replacements have either none or have been drilled.

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**Really nice original boxed set**

Excellent Bentley + Jeeves