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New in stock are these items. Most are in superb condition and have excellent original boxes. They represent some of the finest examples other than old shop stock that you’ll find.

72 Ford 5000 with rear bucket A/NB

207 Standard Vanguard III A- / NB

214 Ford Thunderbird A / A

214M Ford Thunderbird B/NB

216M Austin A40 A-/A

225 Austin Seven red A-/A

225 Austin Seven yellow on 226 base!

226 Morris Mini Minor pale blue A/A

226 Morris Mini-COOOPER pale blue!

238 Jaguar Mk10 in met.green B-/NB

249 Mini Minor Wickerwork A/A

262 Lincoln Continental blue B/NB

277 Monkeemobile A+ /A

300 Chevrolet Corvette B+/NB

303 Mercedes 300SL  green! B/A

349 Morris Mini Minor ‘Pop Art’ B/R

381 GP Beach Buggy in red A-/A-

406S Land Rover B- / NB

417 Land Rover Breakdown A- / B

438 Land Rover Pony Club Edition with red interior A/NB

437 Superior Ambulance (amber or clear) A / A

438 Land Rover ‘Quake-up!’ Special Edition

474 Wall’s Musical Ice Cream Van A- / A

479 Samuelson’s Film Service Commer A / A

492 VW1200 Polizei A / A

499 Citroen Safari 1968 Olympics A / A

1113 Corporal Erector Vehicle A / C

1120 Midland Motorway Coach A / A

1118 International Truck US 1st edition A / B

GS6 Rocket Age

GS47 Fordson 5000 & Conveyor B / C

By Special Request!