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350 Thunderbird Guided Missile

351 RAF Land Rover

351S RAF Land Rover

352 RAF Standard Vanguard III

353 Decca Airfield Radar Scanner

354 Commer US Army Ambulance

355 Commer Military Police Van

356 VW US Army Personnel Carrier

357 US Army Land Rover Weapons Carrier

358 US Army HQ Staff Oldsmobile 88

359 US Army Field Kitchen

414 Bedford Military Ambulance

500 US Army Land Rover

500 US Army Land Rover red seats

GS3 RAF Land Rover and Thunderbird Missile

GS4 RAF Land Rover and Bloodhound Missile

GS6 Rocket Age Set

GS9 Corporal Guided Missile Set

GS10 Military Gift Set Mack Low Loader & Centurion Tank

1106 Decca Mobile Airfield Radar

1108 Bloodhound Guided Missile with launching ramp

1109 Bristol Bloodhound Guided Missile

1112 Corporal Guided Missile

1113 Corporal Missile Erector

1115 Bristol Bloodhound Guided Missile

1116 Bloodhound Guided Missile Launcher

1117 Loading Trolley for Bristol Bloodhound

1118 International 6 x 6 Army Truck

1124 Corporal Missile Launching Platform

1133 US Army Troop Transporter

1134 Bedford "US Army Fuel Tanker"

1135 Bedford TK Heavy Equipment Transporter