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Another massive seller and TV model collectors’ favourite is the Batmobile. Despite selling millions, and many still lying around in people’s boxes, these sell for a small fortune, making more than the Bond car.

There are three main editions:

1966-67 Released in October 1966 in matt black, changed shortly after to gloss black for the majority of models. These had gold wheels with red bat shapes and no tow hook.

1967-72 A hook was added for the 107 Batboat. The flames at the back stopped going in and out.

1973-76 8 spoke silver Whizzwheels

1976-79 12 spoke silver Whizzwheels and shortly after this change the baseplate also had a new label with a Copyright symbol and National Periodicals Inc.

1979-83 Wider 12-spoke Whizzwheels

There are examples of different colour screens, headlamps too and differences in how the tailights and nostrils were cast, as well as some having partly filled-in door lines on the right side.

Late editions also had blue dashboards and yellow stickers from a Batcopter in place of the red ones on the doors. Examples of each of the five main ones indicated would be fairly ‘complete’ for most of us! Oh, I forgot to mention red tyres on the 8-spokes in 1972. Maybe six then.

I have only one in stock - a very, very special brass edition! Details to be published soon. Watch this space.