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My price includes postage and packing within the UK, items usually being despatched within 48 hours of receipt of funds. I am happy to send items abroad but buyers from overseas should contact me for shipping costs and make an additional payment. Buyers are liable for  import taxes in their own country where appropriate.

These are photos of the actual model you are buying. Remember that these toys are around 50 years old! All models advertised are original, not restored or repainted unless I have stated otherwise.

See previous page See next page BACK UP NEXT See parent page 500 US Army Land Rover

A near immaculate model of this very hard to find model, with the correct pale khaki canopy and the much sought after original undamaged 500 box.

The Land Rover, itself, appears very much the same as 357 but with slightly whiter stars than the 357 I have. Acquired from a respectable auction firm, I am happy that this is, indeed, the correct and totally original article with a very rare original box.

I don’t know how you tell which is 357 and 500. All I know is that 500 was the one exported to the States and issued to special order only in 1963 with only 17000 ever made. It was reissued in 1965 but whether that is actually different I cannot tell.

I have listed all the others as 357 as I simply don’t know (well, in one case there is a box!) and these include both lemon and the scarcer red interior versions. I am assuming there wasn’t a 500 with a red interior.

The aerial has been truncated but I guess it would be easily replaced. I have left it as it looks fine to me.

357 red interior no canopy

357 red interior with canopy



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