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I specialise in The Avengers items. There are several different Bentleys that Corgi produced and look very similar but, thankfully, just the one Lotus Elan. Having said that, Emma Peel had a blue Elan S3 most of the time, the white one just featuring in the first black and white TV series. So I can provide a green Bentley (Steed never drove a red one!) And a choice of blue or white Elan with correct registrations.

I also supply Corgi GS40 gift sets with original cars and sometimes have original characters too.

Although not a Corgi model, there is a marvellous Elan in the correct scale and finish made by Vitesse that I can include in a set or supply individually.

I am always happy to supply to individual requirements.

TV & Specials The Avengers GS40 Vitesse Elan S2 open Vitesse Elan S2 hard top 9002 Steed Bentley C861 Steed Bentley 00101 Steed Bentley