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I specialise in The Avengers items and have several Gift Sets available.

This is a special edition that I have created myself, showing the correct green Bentley for Steed and you can choose between a white Elan, Mrs Peel’s original car in the TV series, or the powder blue version that she had next. The blue Elan and Steed’s Bentley are Corgi models, the Elan being a repainted #318. For the white Elan you can choose between a Vitesse model which is the same scale as the Corgi #318 and beautifully finished with wonderful detailing or a restored #318 in white.

The two models are displayed on an attractive card background with interesting background information about the cars. The Lotus will have the correct plates too.

Choose from the three sets currently available.

Green Bentleys and the blue Elan can also be selected as options to make up an alternative GS40. For that option, start with the GS40 box at this link.

The Avengers AH40 Green-blue AH40 Green-white AH40 Green-Vitesse