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There’s just one model to collect in the pre-Whizzwheels era and that’s Roger Moore’s Volvo P1800 in white.

Variations are few. There will be a late model with cast wheel, sort of fluted spokes like those used on several other models in the late 60s. I have seen pictures of ones with wire spoke style wheels like the Mustang and Sting Ray but I have doubts about those models’ originality.

The first Volvo had a black Saint symbol on the bonnet. Later that was replaced by a white symbol on a pink-red sticker and there have been very rare versions with a blue sticker with white symbol. Replacement stickers are simple to get hold of and there are plenty of models with blank bonnets. I have several. The original red and blue varieties, though, were paper affairs so it is easy to tell the difference.

I have two examples in average condition, two in excellent condition and one very good  with cast wheels as well as the very scarce Whizzwheels edition in excellent condition with a box.

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