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My price includes postage and packing within the UK, items usually being despatched within 48 hours of receipt of funds. I am happy to send items abroad but buyers from overseas should contact me for shipping costs and make an additional payment. Buyers are liable for  import taxes in their own country where appropriate.

These are photos of the actual model you are buying. Remember that these toys are around 50 years old! All models advertised are original, not restored or repainted unless I have stated otherwise.

See previous page See next page BACK UP NEXT See parent page 386 Bertone Barchetta Runabout

“Let’s use up some more yellow paint and produce something weird” must have echoed around the Corgi production team tables in the early 1970s. To add to an already pretty strange mix of oddities and level the balance a bit with the Morris Marinas and Ford Cortinas comes this Italian vehicle.

It looks like something you might see in one of those films when it never rains or perhaps on a large flat beach. I have no idea what this actually is and doubt that you will have seen many on the streets in 1971. It lasted only until 1973 so you may not have seen many in your friends’ toy boxes either.

This is one almost straight from the old shop stock. The car is immaculate and the box also as new, in pleasantly stiff card which survived well.

It’s not exactly a model I can particularly excited about and, currently, nor can anyone else by the seems of things. The price for a perfect, as new model with perfect box is possibly the lowest of all Corgi Toys from this period.

It’s still more than the 39p price tag on the box, though!

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