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9001 1927 Bentley 3 litre Le Mans

9002 1927 Bentley 3 litre

9004 1927 Bentley 3 litre open

9011 1915 Model T Ford black

9012 1915 Model T Ford yellow

9013 1915 Model T Ford blue

9021 1910 Daimler 38

9031 1910 Renault 12/16 lavender

9032 1910 Renault 12/16 primrose

9041 1912 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

C861 1927 Bentley 3 litre maroon

C861 1927 Bentley 3 litre green

00101 Steed’s Bentley 3 litre

See also The Avengers pages

The Corgi Classics first appeared in 1964 with the last one released in 1966. They were extremely well produced models, very detailed but probably better-suited to a different type of collector. They weren’t models that youngsters might be inclined to play with as much as the normal range.

The Bentley re-emerged in 1966 with a folded hood in The Avengers Gift Set and again in 1967 with Jeeves and Wooster, and the Renault and Rolls Royce had later second appearances with Basil Brush and The Hardy Boys. The casts were re-used in some excellent 1985 issues for all except the Rolls and the Bentley appears yet again in 1998.

Because the wheels can be changed quite easily and hoods and drivers switched, many 9001, 2 or 4 models have since found their way into The Avengers Gift Sets being sold, or Steed’s Bentley may now get listed as 9001 or 9002.

Indeed, the picture here shows Steed behind the wheel of what looks like a 9002 with an Avengers Set hood!