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These are photos of the actual model available. Remember that these toys are around 50 years old! All models advertised are original, not restored or repainted unless I have stated otherwise.

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Now here’s something strange. I am pretty sure that this is the very rare #351S, the second version of the RAF Land Rover with interior and suspension.

The top colour is not quite the right shade, though, and I believe that that is a new coat applied but it has been done well and without removing the base. Look underneath and the original colour is clearly RAF blue and there would only be one model that that could be.

The rear window is missing, another odd thing that I have never encountered as the plastic is pretty solid and that’s not somewhere I’d expect it to break away, and you can see some paint on the seats which are also a bit lower than they should be, the base supporting pillar being clearly visible whereas they would normally be resting upon it.

Now I know that, with prices in four figures for these in good condition, there is always a temptation for someone to take a #438 and repaint it and some people may do that impressively well but that’s not what’s happened here. My guess is that some kid had this, had an accident with it that knocked out the window and damaged the paintwork so he got out the old stripper and did a reasonable job with Humbrol.

Someone has also replaced the tyres but they look good so that’s OK.

351S in reasonable condition

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