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Corgi-Toys.net is part of Andrew Hill International | Astcote | Towcester | England NN12 8NW | design@corgi-toys.net Corgi Toys by Andrew Hill

GS1 Carrimore Car Transporter with 4 cars

GS1a Carrimore Car Transporter with 4 US cars

GS1 Ford 5000 67 with Beast carrier and animals

GS2 Land Rover w Rice's Pony Trailer & Pony

GS2 Unimog Gooseneck + Priestman Shovel

GS3 Thunderbird Missile & RAF Land Rover

GS3 Batmobile and Batboat

GS4 RAF Land Rover and Bloodhound Missile

GS5 Agricultural Gift Set

GS5 British Racing Cars 150, 151, 152

GS5S British Racing Cars 150S, 151A, 152S

GS6 Rocket Age Set

GS6 Volkswagen Truck with Trailer and Cooper-Maserati

GS7 Daktari Set  

GS7 Massey Ferguson 65 Tractor and Tipper Trailer 51

GS8 Lions of Longleat

GS8 Massey Ferguson Agricultural Equipment

GS9 Massey Ferguson 165 Tractor with shovel & trailer

GS9 Corporal Guided Missile Set

GS10 Marlin Rambler & Kayak, Trailer

GS10 Military Gift Set Mack Low Loader & Centurion Tank

GS11 ERF Dropside Truck and Platform Trailer with loads

GS11 London Set: Black taxi, Mini and Routemaster Bus

GS12 Circus Crane Truck and Cage Wagon

GS12 Grand Prix Set: VW Tow Truck, 3 Racing Cars and bollards, bales etc.

GS13 Fordson Farm Tractor 60 and Plough blue 64-66

GS13 Renault 16TS Tour De France Set

GS14 Hydraulic Tower Wagon with lamp Standard

GS14 Giant Daktari Set

GS15 Silverstone Racing Layout, buildings and cars

GS15 Land Rover with Horse Box (revised side opening)

GS16 Ecurie Ecosse Transporter & 3 Racing Cars  

GS17 Land Rover and Ferrari racing car on Trailer

GS18 Fordson 55 Tractor and Plough 61-63 yellow

GS18 SOS Set, Cortina, Range Rover and Helicopter + parts

GS19 Circus Land Rover and Elephant Trailer

GS19 Corgi Flying Club Land Rover, Glider, trailer

GS20 Golden Guinea Gift Set: Bentley, Corvair, Consul in gold

GS20 Scammell Tri-Deck Transporter, 6 cars

GS21 ERF Dropside Lorry, Trailer & milk churns x 2

GS21 Circus Crane and Menagerie Trailer

GS22 Farming Models

GS23 Circus Models

GS24 Commer Construction Set  

GS25 VW Breakdown Truck & Cooper Maserati

GS25 Garage Layout

GS26 Beach Buggy and Sailing Boat on trailer

GS27 Machinery Carrier with Priestman Cub Shovel

GS28 Carrimore Car Transporter Set with 4 Cars

GS29 Massey Ferguson 65 Tractor, tipping trailer 51 and driver

GS31 The Riviera Set - Buick + Boat + Trailer etc

GS32 Massey Ferguson 65 Tractor+Shovel, Tipping Trailer 62

GS33 Fordson Tractor 60 with Beast Carrier 58 and animals

GS35 London Passenger Transport Set Black Taxi, Routemaster Bus

GS36 Oldsmobile Toronado & Glastron Sportsman Speedboat

GS37 Lotus Racing Team

GS38 Monte Carlo 1965 Rally Gift Set Rover, Citroen, Mini

GS40 The Avengers - Steed's Bentley + Mrs Peel's Lotus

GS41 Ford Car Transporter with 6 Cars

GS46 All Winners Gift Set 5 Sports Cars

GS47 Ford 5000 Tractor and Conveyor

GS48 Ford Car Transporter with 6 Cars

GS64 Forward Control Jeep & Conveyor