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These are photos of the actual model available. Remember that these toys are around 50 years old! All models advertised are original, not restored or repainted unless I have stated otherwise.

See previous page See next page BACK UP NEXT See parent page 1124 Corporal Missile Launching Platform

This is an unusual item to find on its own but Corgi issued 1124, the little platform for the huge Corporal missile was the last of this range. Although it had been sold with the missile in 1112 in June 1959, and again in the Gift Set with the International Truck as well in November 1959, for some reason it was released entirely on its own a year later. Odd.

As you might expect, it is said to have sold only 4000, making this, in a box, one of the very rarest of Corgi’s models!

It was a finely engineered item, designed to look and operate as closely as possible to the real thing from what the modellers could glean fro short visits to bases. I am told by someone who was there at the time that this would never have been towed by an International truck! However something would tow it into position and then the missile erector vehicle would be used to transfer the missile to stand vertically on it.

The wheels can be removed and the four arms extended to give stability, with the four spikes supposedly holding the missile. They seem a bit too loose to me so maybe there is another purpose.

Anyway, this is an example that I have with 1112, not, I am afraid for sale individually. There are more photos, though, in the album.

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