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Corgi-Toys.net is part of Andrew Hill International | Astcote | Towcester | England NN12 8NW | design@corgi-toys.net Corgi Toys by Andrew Hill




1 Road Roller

16b Super Atlantic Trailer

28 Jaguar Mk 10

51 Albion Cement lorry

73 F1 Ferrari

271 Ghia 5000 Mangusta

412 Austin Lorry

17 Bedford Removal Van

30 8 Wheel Crane

53 Aston Martin DB2

75 Ford Thunderbird

303 Ford Capri 'Roger Clark'

470 Austin Nestle Van

5 Routemaster red double decker

18b Caterpillar Bulldozer

32 E Type Jaguar

55 or 73 Mercury

A1a Esso Pumps and Sign

Gift Set 21

20a ERF Lorry

34 VW International Matchbox Express Van

57 Land Rover Fire Truck
59 Ford Thams Singer Van

A1b BP Pumps and sign

11 ERF Esso Tanker

20 Lamborghini Marzal

38 Vauxhall Victor

63 Military Ambulance

A5 Home Stores

786 Dunlop Tyre Rack

14 Daimler Ambulance

21c Commer Milk Float

39 Ford Tractor

64 Scammell Army Breakdown Truck

Mpack1 BP Tanker

MPack3 Tank + Transporter

Les Diesel Renault Truck w/canopy

15 Tippax Refuse Truck

23c Bluebird Dauphine Caravan

47b Commer Ice Cream Canteen

66 Greyhound Coach

MPacks4,6 Pickfords Crane Transporter with Ruston Bucyros Crane

Jensen Interceptor Pink

Rockets Aston Martin

16 Scammell Snow Plough

48 Dumper Truck

66 Greyhound Coach (Superfast)

MPack9 Inter-State Double Freighter

These are items from the Postman’s Collection. They are all pretty well played with and have chips and scratches, some more than others, but are good examples and may be of interest to someone who needs to fill some spaces or with a particular interest in some editions.

Prices are very reasonable indeed, ranging from £6 to £54 and most include UK postage. The £54 is for a scarce Budge Toys model.

Links to more photos for each item will be added soon too.

The Postman’s Collection