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My price includes postage and packing within the UK, items usually being despatched within 48 hours of receipt of funds. I am happy to send items abroad but buyers from overseas should contact me for shipping costs and make an additional payment. Buyers are liable for  import taxes in their own country where appropriate.

Remember - on most pages you can click pictures to see more photos!

These are photos of the actual model available. Remember that these toys are around 50 years old! All models advertised are original, not restored or repainted unless I have stated otherwise.

See previous page See next page BACK UP NEXT See parent page 490 VW Breakdown Truck

This is quite a scarce version of the first edition VW Breakdown Truck in a strange colour that is a cross between avocado and, well, I’m not sure what really. It has cast spoke-effect wheels and there aren’t many of those around on this colour model.

Unfortunately this one is missing the red plastic and chrome piece that fills the rear section. The suspension is also poor and there’s no hook. I could fix the hook and wire and even find a replacement tool box etc but there’s not much I can do about the suspension. Because it is so unusual, though, I can’t risk repairing it as then the wheels could have been swapped and it would no longer be an original example of the version.

So it’s for sale at a modest price. It does actually look fine on display as you can see from the photos, the paintwork really being quite unmarked and the windows and wheels are good.

There is a later one with a Corgi logo and painted white, making an appearance with a trailer in various Racing sets.

Mk 1 model with normal wheels

Mk 2 model (white)

VW Truck with Elan on trailer

VW Pick up | VW Delivery Van

VW Breakdown Truck

VW Army Personnel

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